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7 ways to connect with your child

We often confuse about “spending time” with “being present”. Spending time is much more than just being present with your child, it is more about interaction with them, playing with them, creating everlasting memories.

Apart from the material comforts, children want time with their parents to feel secure and being loved. Quality family time has a direct impact on the young minds and help them grow emotionally and mentally.

Here are few ways through which you can spend quality time with your kids and deepen your relationships:-


  • Cook together: Children enjoy joining their parents in the kitchen. Embrace this chance of spending more time and create memories.
  • Talking time: Make a habit to talk to your child everyday about the incidents happened with you and your child during the day. This will help you get into his/her friend zone and help you in winning trust.
  • Go for a walk: Surroundings matter a lot in building relationships. Get out, enjoy nature and spend some time together. Will help you in getting back in shape too 😉
  • Play time: Family that plays together, stays together. Pick up any game and let your inner child bond with your child. Some of the games could be scrabbled, Pictionary, monopoly, carrom, etc.
  • Go for a picnic: Picnics are always fun, who does not enjoy them. Plan for a day trip at least once a month with a simple agenda – Play, Eat and Fun!! Letting the children choose the destination is also a fun in itself for them.
  • Short Projects: It’s fun to get crafty once in a while, get involved in some DIY activities and bring out the creative side of your child.
  • Create a Fun night: Plan a fun night with your child – movie night, pizza party, pajama party.

Do not forget to take pictures, as you will not get a second chance to capture their childhood. These will give you long lasting memories which you and your child can cherish throughout life.

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