Choosing a school for your

Choosing a school for your child is not a child’s game

Deciding school for your child is the second most important decision taken by as a parent apart from your decision to be a parent. Choosing the right school for your child is not an easy decision, your child’s future and career depends on this one decision. Right decision can make your child’s life and a wrong decision can be catastrophic.

Today, with availability of so many choices, this decision has become even more difficult. Starting from choosing the learning approach (Mainstream, Alternative, International, etc) to learning methodology (activity based vs. academics based) to school assessment methodology to school curriculum and this list goes on and on.

First of all, you should decide when to start this whole tiresome process. In our view, you should start this whole process at least one year in advance as admission process for most of the schools close six months prior to the start of the new session. Now comes the question, how to do this important activity in a structured manner to smoothen the selection process.

Here are the 4 easy steps to choose the best school for your child. 

Step 1: Define five things that matters to you the most

Selection process has numerous factors which are different for different parents. To select the key factors, we suggest you write all the factors that comes to your mind on a sheet of paper and then prioritize them to choose top 5 factors only. Some of the key factors can be following:

  • Location of the school and its distance from your home
  • Range of school annual fees and charges
  • Curriculum and learning approach of your interest
  • Pedigree of the school and its status in the society
  • How is the education environment of the school?
  • How are the safety arrangements in the school?
  • What are additional facilities provided at the school?

Step 2: Gathering information about schools

Now, considering the above five factors, choose the most tangible option such as distance, annual fees as a starting point of your research.

Using filter of tangible option, now shortlist the list of school basis your search through different channels like google, friends, parents of other children, etc. You can also use to shortlist schools’ basis your tangible filter.

Key information which you should consider before taking any decision should consist of following points on the above defined five factors.

After collection of data, now you must compare the selected schools on your selected parameters to get a penultimate shortlist of schools of your choice

Step 3: Visit school and gather information about the admission process

Before final selection of school, we advise you to visit the shortlisted schools and talk to Principal, teachers and current students of the school to get first hand information and insights about the school. Possibly take a tour of the school and attend any school events conducted for new parents.

Also, collect the information regarding the school admission process and tentative dates for next year admission process.

Step 4: Prepare your child and yourself for admission

In today’s environment, admission process has become very competitive because of demand-supply gap of good institutes. You need to prepare in a detailed manner and be ready to face any challenges. Key areas which you should consider while preparation is as following:

  • What are the key activities on which your child will be assessed?
  • What are the key questions which will be asked to you?
  • What are the key skills your child should have at the time of admission?

Wow! You are a diligent parent and you have done your homework for your child’s admission that will benefit your child in his/her education and career. But before you close this article, one last piece of advice – you should apply to at least 3-4 schools of your choice for final admission.

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