Fight Against Smog, Safeguard your

Fight Against Smog, Safeguard your Children

The capital of India is making a life of people more difficult with the ongoing dangerous smog. Air pollution in Delhi is now a serious problem for everyone as you can’t step out without an air mask and the worst part is that it affects children the most.

Air pollution escalation in winters

Every Delhiite know that air quality varies with season change but also with time of day and day of the week. But the question is why it is even more hazardous during winters?

  • In winters, people burn biomass to keep their house warm. This produces harmful gases which decrease the air quality.
  • Farmers burn the stubble off their fields during months of October to December.
  • Fireplaces and wood stoves.

Air quality in winter becomes poorer than in summers because of the smoke from above activities mixed with fog leading to formation of deadly smog.

Impact of smog on children

Children and infants are largely affected by smog as they have a comparatively weaker immune system. Smog affects cardiac and respiratory system of our body. Some of the common diseases due to smog are asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc. Symptoms of the impact of smog on children are coughing, chest pain, headache, eye and throat irritation.

Tips to protect your child from smog

As air pollution increases rapidly, it is the need of an hour to protect children. Best way to protect them is to keep them at home and go out only when it is necessary.

Here are a few tips you can use to protect your child from hazardous air pollution:

  • Wear air mask when going outside
  • Use Air Purifiers at home
  • Practice breathing exercises with children
  • Bring indoor plants like snake plant, peace lily, doctor’s plant, etc.
  • Add vitamins and minerals to the diet of your children
  • Regular checkups with your pediatric to tackle the disease if any at the early stage


We must take steps individually to make the air quality better. Slowly I will convert into WE.

Let us start today to make a better tomorrow for our kids.

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