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9 Simple Steps to prepare your Toddler for First Day of School

Watching your three-year old running around, curious, inquisitive, trying to know everything happening around and mimic some of it, early education for toddlers, you’re probably asking yourself, “Where did all the time go? How can my child already be old enough for his first day of nursery?”

As said by someone, whether your child is a creature of habit or lives for change, starting school is a big deal!

Starting school is crucial step for both you and your child. Although, some children accept and enjoy the change, whereas it is not unusual that even the most experienced child fears going away to a new place and requires extra attention. Your child might already be going to a play school or a day care which will be a plus as you both are already used to staying away for a short period of time. Don’t be disheartened if your child was not enrolled in a play school/day care. Your child will just do fine. There are ways to prepare yourself and your child to make the process go smoothly. Here are few tips for you and your family to prepare for nursery time & nursery school children:

Preparing your toddler and yourself for nursery education:

  1. Start preparing your child by talking to them about the life changing event of starting school. Encourage your son or daughter to get excited with the idea of making new friends and playing with them.
  2. Read good books about starting the school and how it will be exciting for them like new teachers and different activities the child will get involved in. Check out these early child development stages books: 11 Books to ease back to school jitters.
  3. Starting pre-school is once-in-a-lifetime occasion, hence, go shopping with your child and let your child pick out an extra special outfit and new bag for the big day.
  4. Before the first day, visit the school (and classroom, if school permits) a couple of times to help your child get acquainted to the new environment.
  5. Prepare a small album or a collage with family pictures for your child so they can keep it in their bag and look at it when they feel lonely or scared.
  6. Start practicing the new schedule already. Pretend it is a school day, and go through all the steps of waking up, getting dressed, and fed. You may prepare a chart and let your child tick mark the activities done, to add fun to this process.
  7. Rehearse self-help skills such as dressing, undressing, and hand-washing. Kids get excited doing things on their own.
  8. Kids sometimes don’t eat well when put into a new environment. So pack your child’s favorite snack items in their lunch box in the first few days.
  9. We all try to be best for our children and that is what is important. Trying to be a super mom or dad who can fulfil every demand of their child is good but not better than spending few hours with your child every day and tell him you are available for him even when he goes to school.  

There will always be some parents who have already started their preparation. So, you should not be disheartened if your child do not do great on his/her first day. This is a stressful journey and you may be uneasy right now when you think about it, but it will get easier when you trust yourself and your child. Keep calm! Good luck!

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