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How will the first few weeks of school look like

Going to the school will be a big change for your little one. School environment will be new to the kid and this transition is often tough. Even the kids in higher classes find it difficult to go back to school post vacation. Parents should understand the situation and mental condition of their children and try to make this transition as smooth as possible & development activities for toddlers are:-

Smooth Transition

  • With any new setting or unsettling situation — like the first day of school or entering new class or new school — help your kids to adjust and give them enough time. Do not force anything on your child in one go. May be for couple of days, you can go to drop them or be with them for some time at school
  • Try to tell them about the positive things about school like, meeting new classmates, buying cool school supplies, getting involved in sports and other activities, and showing off new clothes
  • Talk to your kids about their worries and inhibitions if any towards going to school, and make them comfortable by providing your support
  • Try adjusting your own schedule as per your child’s schedule. If possible, try to be at home, when your child comes back from school in the first week. In case this is not possible, try to give as much time possible to your child in the evenings
  • Your child may remain irritated due to this change, try to calm down their nerves by talking to them. Do not get irritated yourself
  • Child will be tired after school, try providing them healthy food. Also, make the environment at home calm and soothing

After School Hours

After school hours are equally important for your child’s growth and learning. Try to make a routine in after school hours for your Children’s after school activities.

  • Try to get your child enroll in some productive after school activities
  • Make your child meet with other kids and their parents to help them develop social skills
  • Media time should be fixed in order to avoid your child getting hooked
  • Try play with your child in evening to get a bonding with your child

Finally, you should have a regular communication with teachers at school to understand how your child is adapting to the new environment. Never take any complaint or comment from your child lightly. Child development activities-Try to understand the feelings of your child and reasons behind their complaints and issues.

Most importantly, child should have full trust in you that you will listen to him/her and will help in sorting their issues.

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