Free Nursery School Admissions in Delhi NCR

5 Steps for Hassle Free Nursery School Admissions in Delhi NCR

Nursery school children admissions in Delhi NCR happens at different times of the year. Most of the schools hold their admission process in Delhi during Dec-Jan, in Noida its Aug-Sep and in Gurgaon its Aug-Nov.  Since the nursery admission is one of the critical steps towards the foundation of the future of the child; parents in Delhi NCR, like everywhere, do not want to take any chance and try grabbing a seat in their favorite/ most preferred school. This whole process is very tiring and cumbersome for the parents and here at School At Go , we thought of making it a bit easy for all the parents out there.

There are 5 key steps towards preparing for school admissions.

1.Research the schools

You should start this process by researching about the different schools before getting involved into the whole admission process. Prepare a list of at least 10 schools in which you would like your child to go. Parents should talk to other parents whose children are already in those schools.

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2.Know Admission criteria and rules

There are some admission criteria for every school which you should know in order to avoid any last-minute surprises. Some of the regular criteria are like neighborhood, siblings, EWS, admission age among many others. Please prepare a list of these criteria and try understanding if your child fits in these criteria or not.

3.Dates of Admission

Knowing the dates of registration process for your list of schools is very important. As most of the schools have their process at the same time, hence, it makes it even more important to maintain a calendar of dates, so that you do not miss any.

4.Prepare yourself for the School Admission Process

Although, the parent interviews are not allowed for nursery admissions, but interviews still happen in the name of interactive sessions between parents and schools. It is better you should be prepared for these interviews. Your child should not suffer because of your lack of awareness and preparation.

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Some parents apply to only 3-4 top schools, which is foolish. You do not know whether your child will get selected in those schools. So we suggest you to apply for at least top 10 schools shortlisted by you.

Also, do block the first seat that your child gets admission into, and only then wait for lists of other schools. You can cancel the first admission, if your child gets selected in a better school.

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We hope this article helps you in getting a structured approach towards Nursery School Admissions in Delhi NCR.

All the best guys for your child’s admission!

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