Government to reimburse school expenses of differently abled

Government to reimburse school expenses of differently abled students.

Differently abled students are not less talented; they have a special talent gifted by God to them. All they need is recognition of their talent and normal treatment. Sympathy is the last thing they want from us.

HRD Minister issued an order to all schools to reimburse all the expenses of uniform, books, etc. for specially abled children to encourage them to gain education and be independent.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

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Expenditure incurred on books, uniforms of children with disabilities will be reimbursed: HRD

New Delhi, Dec 2 (PTI) The HRD Ministry has given directions to all the schools in the country that expenditure incurred on books, uniforms and transport of children with disabilities would be reimbursed, Minister of State for HRD Satyapal Singh said.

Speaking at an award ceremony organised by the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People and Mindtree, Singh said there are about 12 million people with disability and just one per cent go to schools.

“Specially challenged people just do not need courtesy and compassion, but real empowerment which would come through education. How to ensure it is a big challenge,” he said at the Helen Keller Awards 2018.

Singh said the directions have been issued to “all the schools in the country that all the expenditure incurred on books, uniform and transport will be reimbursed by the government”.

He also said that the girl child will be given Rs 200 per month.

The government from this academic session has also issued directions that there will minimum 5 per cent admission in all educational bodies, he added.

“It is one of the top most priority for this government to make sure that the rights of specially challenged people are ensured,” he said.

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