CBSE in supporting Digital India

Great move by CBSE in supporting Digital India initiative

Great move by CBSE in supporting the Digital India initiative. As the world is moving towards the digital, best way to make our future generations capable to compete is to set their base right by equipping them with the correct skill set at the early stage.

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CBSE’s Latest Change In Syllabus: Python Language Introduced For Class 12 Students In Computer Science

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is all set to introduce Python language in Computer Science examinations for class 12 from the academic year of 2019-20, reports India Today. The pattern of the Computer Science question paper though will be the same as in 2018.

But, CBSE has prescribed the new syllabus of Computer Science for students of class 12, who will be appearing for the board examination in the academic year of 2019. However, few schools had been teaching Python language in the academic session of 2018-19 as well.

The CBSE website states, “In order to enable the students offering Computer Science irrespective of the programming language to appear for the Class 12 examination in 2019, the CBSE will administering the question papers in the subject of Computer Science on the basis of 2018 having sections i.e. C++ and Python and candidates be directed to attempt any one section.”

The CBSE class 12 exams begin on 15 February and will end on 3 April 2019. Students can avail the complete schedule of the exams on


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