homework tips for students

Homework Tips for Parents

The word “Homework” used to make all of us anxious when we were children. And it has not gotten any better even after becoming parents. Homework has become a vital part of our education system. Earlier days, homework was meant for children but somehow, these days, there is a huge pressure on parents to get the homework done by their children. There are three group of members who are mostly involved in homework- you, as a parent who deal at home, teacher dealing in school and kids as the does.

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We all understand the importance of homework. It is good for children for a variety of reasons as it helps children to practice things that they learnt in school. I will not advocate “no homework” policy, if schools are giving homework to children after a certain age and to certain limit. Sometimes, homework is given on daily basis and children get frustrated, so parents need to indulge to help children finish their homework.

Dealing with homework can be as stressful for teachers, as it is for students and their parents. Here are a few tips for parents, teachers and students:

Homework Tips for Teachers

Following can help teachers strategize their homework assignment plans:

  1. Assign those tasks to students to perform at home which they already know. The purpose of homework is to revise and not learn. So whatever concepts/ skills are required to do those tasks must be discussed during the class first. If your students can’t prove that they can do those tasks independently, do not assign to them until you are confident that they will be able to do.
  2. Parents should not be involved in the homework. Homework is meant to be for children’s learning, not their parents. You should not expect parents to help children complete their homework, rather, on friendly terms, should advise parents on sending a note back to teacher to help child with those concepts as he could not complete his homework on his own.
  3. Every child will have a different thought process. Hence, reviewing the homework along with students can be a good idea. It will also help them know what their fellow classmates think and can broaden their horizons
  4. Be aware of assigning right amount of homework. Excess amount of homework to kids can be demotivating for the children.

Homework Tips for Parents

  1. Know the teacher: Always ensure you attend the Parent-Teacher meeting and understand how you can be involved and the progress of your child – where your child needs extra care and both, teacher and you, should work together to close that gap. Homework assigned to the child can be inline to that.
  2. Set up study area and schedule a regular study time: Child should feel like studies/ homework is a part of his routine just like going to school or eating dinner. Encourage your child to finish his homework before playtime so he/she can play with a free mind. Also, they can study at a fixed area where all stationary items are accessible.
  3. Motivate and monitor your child: Always be positive about school homework and help/guide them to finish. Discuss his assignments and how he plans to complete. Wherever needed, advise him but let him execute his plan. This will also help him plan his tasks in future.
  4. Be responsible: – Make sure to provide essential stationary items (copy, book, pencil etc.) to your child that he/she might require while doing homework. Manage your time so as to be able to help them if they need. Be a friend and encourage them.

Homework Tips for Students

  • Select a comfortable time to do homework and try to do your homework at same time every day, before dinner time, or after dinner. 
  • Try to complete each day’s homework on that day itself.
  • As your parents are busy in other work and if you have an older brother or sister, ask them to help. Only ask for help if you really need of it.
  • If you have a big project, schedule it for weekend to get help from your parent. And you can also take help with your classmate on weekend.

There are two key strategies that parents can use to get the task done in an effective way.

  1. Build in prizes or encouragements to make your children complete their homework on time. Good grades, alone is not an enough reward for the children to do their homework
  2. Set a routine around their homework, containing where and when homework gets done and set up daily agendas for homework.

Hopefully, this article helps the parents and the teachers to make the children are a good learner and help to give them a right amount of homework or understand the children’s well.

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