School tips for children's and parents

How children’s facing issues in schools

This days parents having common question about their kids to find out the issues they are facing in schools.

In the part of life school plays important role to everyone. Ups and downs at school are common cause for children’s nowadays. Maintain a good relationship with your child’s school and teachers can help you to resolve problems easily. If any school problems come up, then you have to strictly recognize it and address them as soon as possible. School problems can brings up by different ways like lack of motivations about school, poor academic performance level, or poor relationships with school administration.

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School issues will be easy to spot if you are aware of your children, spent a quality time with your children to check if they want to say something to you. You don’t know that your child might be hide school problems from you and from their friends or known one and school administration. You can judge them by following points like; they might be copy the homework from others, to be sick during important tests or exams in schools, and not writing homework or report on school diary. Finding problem is very difficult to parents but these options might be helpful for you.

Here are the few points you should check with your children.

  • They are low on confidence about their work. They thought that everyone of their friends is good as per them.
  • They are ignoring the topics about school or they might be uncomfortable to talk about school activities.
  • They were skip school without your knowledge and they are not interested to go school.
  • Might be they are not engaging in any kind of school activities like: co-curricular activities, games, studies etc.
  • They don’t have friends or maybe they are not interested to talk to anyone.
  • Getting low marks every time as per previous result.
School safety tips for children’s

Here are the five points to keep in mind for student safety in school:-

  • The school building should be strong built to ensure “life safety” of children’s, and be safe to natural hazards.
  • It’s very important to keep the school environment including the school buildings, school premises, playgrounds, laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, drinking water facilities, toilets, school buses, transport area and the surroundings things are safe and secure.
  • School administration, staff, teachers as well as students need to be better and aware about natural causes and man-made causes.
  • The physical safety of children in schools is more important.
  • Those children’s who are victims of violence like dissociative reactions, depression, feelings of helplessness to other, lack of emotionally intellect, and aggression towards others.
  • Installation of CCTV camera in school premises will help to monitor the activities of children’s and school administration.
  • The school must be ensuring to check that any child is abusing by anything whatever is physically, emotionally and sexually.
  • The staff of schools should be trained to understand the point of child abuse, and be prepared to respond immediately for inappropriate or harmful behavior.
  • Ensure safety of children’s and judge their behavior in real-time, and provide parents with perpetual updates of their children’s.
  • A school should collect information from visitors during the school visit if they are whatever parents, volunteer’s school staffs etc.
  • The School has a system that can automatically mark student attendance and send the reports directly to the parents to know better about them.
  • Biometric security systems in schools are important to automatically track student’s attendance records.

It is the responsibility of the schools to ensure that the students are:

(1) Understand the academic and behavioral expectations of students clearly.

(2) School has a trusting relationship with at least one adult in school.
(3) When students come to school they feeling safe and secured are important.
(4) They have access to mental health services.

Why Mental Health Matter in Schools?

Addressing of mental health of school students specially for junior student’s needs in school is critically important because 1 of 5 children and early life have a diagnosable emotional, behavioral or mental health disorder and 1 of 10 young people have a mental health challenge that is simple enough to impair how they treat at home, school or in their community.

Many assessments shows that the mental illness affects so many of our child’s which aged 6-17 years at least one-half and many assessment as many as 80% of them do not receive the mental health care they need.

If being able to identify and support the kids mental health in schools matters because:

  • Mental health problems are very common and often develop during childhood and youth
  • They are treatable if you can try!
  • Early recognition and involvement strategies work. It can help improve flexibility and the ability to be successful in school & life.

Hope this article helps you to get enough details about your child, school safety and school requirement’s. If we forget to add anything related to your query please get touch with for further clarification.

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