Mobile Phone – A Friend or An Enemy of your

Mobile Phone – A Friend or An Enemy of your Child

Mobile phones have become a necessity in everyone’s life providing opportunities on one hand and challenges on the other. For any parent, the key question is whether mobile phones are a distraction for their child? And the answer is – it all depends on the children how they make use of it.

How to make it a medium of success rather than a means of destruction?

Don’t give a phone to your child too early

Avoid giving mobile phones to children at an early age (Children’s phone). If your child needs a phone for school work, try to get the information yourself and share it with your child.

Make rules before giving your child his/her first phone.

It isn’t silly to make a contract with your child before giving him/her first phone. Mutually agree upon those rules so that from the very beginning child understand the limits.

Parental control apps

Today’s generation is smarter than earlier generation so parents need to be as smart as their kids are. In most phones there are parental control apps through which you can control your child’s usage.

Listen and talk

Each day make a habit to talk to your child and listen to them what they think about various apps and related news so that you get an insight of your child’s thinking and mould it by talking to them what’s good for them and what’s not.

Ways to limit the usage

  • Fix daily phone hours and adhere to it irrespective of any change in your own schedule
  • During studying hours no phones should be allowed so that they can concentrate on their studies
  • No phones in school
  • Inculcate habit of outdoor sports and no phones are allowed in those hours. In case you need phone to communicate with them, use easily available watches with calling facility. These watches are available in all price ranges, starting from Rs 500
  • Children need to get permission before downloading any new app

Mobiles are like a pandora box! They offer loads of benefits as well as problems. It’s your responsibility to make it a tool of success in your child’s life rather than a weapon of destruction.

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