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Outdoor Games make Children Fit and Active

With technological advancement, we find more and more kids hooked to the television and gadgets. These days children are increasingly spending their time indoors which is fatal for their development and health. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, we have become prone to various type of lifestyle diseases and infections. Children being young are even more prone to these due to a weaker immunity system. Studies indicate an exponential increase in childhood obesity. In India almost 8/10 children fall ill regularly because of unhealthy lifestyle (back to school games).

A habit of playing outdoor games must be inculcated within the children to keep their mind and body fit. In addition to fitness, games have other advantages like lifeskills, urge to achieve, competitiveness, team work, focus, discipline, brings them closer to nature, inspire their creativity and imagination and the list goes on. Playing outdoor should be the most important part in a child’s growing years(Games to keep kids busy).

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Some of these benefits of having fun with outside games are:

  • Positive Attitude: Playing outdoor calms your mind and makes you feel energetic and a happier demeanor
  • Personality Development: Kids are better at being independent and self-reliant when playing outdoor games. They also learn to deal with difficult situations on their own.
  • Motor Skills are Attained: Children learn motor and life skills when taking part in physical activities. They have a better focus, balance and coordination.
  • Healthy: Outdoor games provide fitness to mind and body. Physical activities shake off various heart ailments and weight problems like obesity
  • Improves Attention Span: When children play outdoor games, or perform physical exercise like Yoga, they are able to focus and concentrate more. They learn better reasoning and analytical skills in day to day life as well. Click here to know benefits of Yoga for kids.
  • Teamwork Attitude: Children learn cooperation; how to work in a group of people and look for win-win situations
  • Ambitious: Outdoor activities such as trekking, running and other various games mad sports make Children ambitious by instilling a spirit of competition and accomplishment.
  • Enhancing Imagination and Creativity: Playing outside make Children feel freedom, life outside the walls. This certainly helps augment imagination and creativity

It is challenging to motivate kids to play outdoors when one can comfortably do almost everything with gadgets. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to play a conscious role in promoting a positive outlook towards outdoor games among kids (children’s after school activities).

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