Playschools and their

Playschools and their importance in today’s school admission environment

Nursery School Admissions is a scary word for most of the parents especially in Delhi NCR. The movie ‘Hindi Medium’ perfectly depicts the efforts taken by parents these days to get their children learn in good schools. The complete process is very nerve wrecking as it starts not only from getting admission but by getting your children ready for the grilling admission process. There are so many questions which your child should have to answer to crack the admission process. Some of the areas about which your child should have understanding are, shapes, colours, professions, medium of transportation, fruits, flowers, animals, puzzles, poems and the list goes on.

Now comes the question, how Playschools can help your child to be ahead of the peers and sail through the admission process. As such it is not necessary to join a playschool to get the admission, but playschools provide a structured approach to the skill development.

What is a Playschool?

As soon as we hear the word “school”, the first thing that comes to our mind is academics. 

However, playschool is not about academics at all. It is more towards developing sensory-motor skills and social development of a child. Playschools use activity-based learning techniques to develop these skills and make a strong foundation for learning of cognitive skills.

How does starting a play school help?

We often hear complaints from the you parents, that your child does not listen to you, does not share his/her things with others, does not eat properly, does not want to learn new things and so many others.

Before we jump on the question how playschools help, let us first think what is the best medium to learn or develop any skill. Without any second thoughts, the best way to learn is observation and visual medium.

This answers the question of importance of playschools in developing skills as they provide the needed social atmosphere and interaction to learn the required skills. If you believe in orthodox way of doing the same yourself, then I guess you need to have a cricket team at your home itself 😉.

Key benefits of Playschools

Let’s now discuss what the key skill requirements for early childhood care and education are and how playschool address them in its own ways.

Learning how to follow instructions

When your child appears for any school admission process, he/she will be put to test on different parameters.

To perform well, your child needs to understand the requirements and then follow the instructions. Playschools imbibe this skill in your child on daily basis through different group activities and games. This is difficult to teach your child at home as children are generally more receptive to instructions from outsiders than given by parents.

Developing social skills

The kind of environment provided by playschools with 15-20 other children of the same age, playschools help in inculcating the social skills. Group activities and games teach your child how to behave with other children and how to interact with them. Also, it teaches the qualities like working together, sharing things, and others.

Schoolatgo team can provide important tips and tricks to start developing social skills in your chils basis there research and interaction with other parents in various forums on social media.

Learning through games

Play schools provide toys to children as per their development stage and tries to teach them different things through free play like colours, animals, fruits, vegetables, body parts, counting etc. For example, when some group activity is happening around colours, teachers will play different rhymes about colours and teach with actions. This activity along with rhymes help your child learn and recognise the things in a better and faster way.

Learning Language

When your child interacts with other children in playschool, your child’s language skills develop faster and in a more efficient manner due to cognitive learning behavior.

Learning Day to Day life skills

No child is born with even the basic life skills, like how to eat, how to manage your things, where to go to potty, etc. Today for most of the school admissions these skills are pre-requisite and if your child does not know them, then your child’s admission is in danger. Research shows at pre schooling, special focus is given on teaching your child these basic skills. For example, every child is trained to use potty and learn to communicate his/her body requirements like hunger, thirst, urge to pee or potty etc. Since, many other children will be doing the same, observation helps your child to learn faster.

Not just for the sake of school admissions, early education and child care provided by play schools help in teaching other important things also. Some of them are:

Handling separation from parents

Children generally cries a lot during their initial days of school due to new environment and new people around them. They could not bear such a vast change in their daily routine. If I remember my school days, I cried for more than 3-4 weeks clinging onto my parents every morning. This is a common sight in all the schools when the new session starts. Playschool helps in developing child’s personal behavior to overcome separation anxiety and preparing them to face the new world.

Teaching them to eat

Every mother has a complaint that her child does not eat properly. We can agree on a point that every child eats more when in company of other children. Eating is a community-based learning and playschools provide them the environment where child learns to eat looking at the other children around him/her. Moms, your biggest worry can also be solved by playschools 😊

Finally, I close the topic by saying Playschools are not must to get your child in the school of your choice, but playschools make it much easier. They work on a set approach to teach and imbibe life skills in your child which can make your life easy.

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