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Road Safety Tips for Children

Children should be taught the importance of road safety measures to safeguard them from road accidents. The latest data available on Road Crash Statistics 2016  by SaveLIFE FOUNDATION reveal some startling figures. Over 13 lakh people have died in the road accidents in last decade with 17 people dying every hour on Indian roads.

What is more disturbing is the fact that 29 children die every day on Indian roads. It is therefore very important for you to teach them about road safety as soon as they are old enough to step out of house. Best way to teach your children is to practice the Road Safety Rules with them and make them understand with your own actions.

Here are few important road safety tips to start with.

Understanding Traffic Signals

Make them understand the meaning of traffic lights.

  • Green means ‘go’: Vehicles move only when the signal turns GREEN
  • Red means ‘stop’: Vehicles need to stop, when signal turns RED
  • Yellow means ‘slow down’: Vehicles should slow down and prepare to stop, when signal turns YELLOW
  • The ‘Walk’ or a walking man symbol: If the symbol is present then cross the road only if these signs turn green. But look to the left and right to ensure no vehicles are approaching.

Stop, Look and Cross

Teach your children to be careful while crossing any road. They need to be attentive and follow the rules

  • Look left, then right and then left again before crossing the road
  • Use Pedestrian crossings/Zebra crossings only for crossing the roads
  • If any vehicle is approaching, let the vehicle pass and cross the road only when there is no vehicle in vicinity
  • Never cross road at bends and at any blind spots

Don’t Run on roads

Teach your children to never run on roads and be always calm & attentive while crossing the roads. Sometimes, children leave their parents’ hands and run across the road. This can be very fatal.

Always be attentive on road

Children need to be taught to pay attention to each and everything while crossing a road. Car horns and engine sounds indicate the vicinity of a vehicle and kids should be taught to listen to them when crossing.

Another road menace is the use of gadgets while on the road. Smartphones and even listening to music should be a big no while child is on the road. This is very important for you to lead by an example and teach this very important point.

Using Sidewalks Only When Walking

Teach your children to always walk on the sidewalks and at the sides of the road, be the road busy or not.

Rules while in a vehicle

Whenever your children travel with you in the car or go to school in a school bus, some tips can ensure their safety.

  • Seat belts should be strapped on, you should lead by example by putting on seat belt first thing sitting in the car
  • Children should not be allowed to sit in the front seat
  • They should not stick out any of the body parts outside a moving vehicle
  • Children should always remain seated in the Bus and only stand when the bus stops completely
  • Children should get down of the bus on the curb side only and should move to the sidewalk as soon as they get down

One tip for you not to leave child inside the car even for ONE Minute. This can be very dangerous as we listen every now and then, kid died because of suffocation in a locked car. PLEASE nothing is more important and urgent than your child’s life.

Safety with Visibility

Your child’s cloths also provide additional safety to them. If a driver of moving vehicle will not be able to see your child, then it can be very fatal for your child.

  • Walking or Biking at Night: Wear light colored clothes or reflective material. No Black and dark colors
  • During the Day: Wear bright clothes
  • Always make a practice to wave your hand to let your presence known to the incoming vehicle

Teach these important habits to your children at early age and try leading by an example yourself. Children always copy you, and if you will not follow the rules, they will not follow them too.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy

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