Common questions for parents for admission to the school in Delhi NCR

In Delhi / NCR, the admission process starts from the end of August and runs till December. Some schools adhere to the point system, many draws, come first and more than 90 percent of school screenings.

However, interviews are not allowed for children or parents either for School admissions. However, in most schools, there is one interactive session with parents and children.

Therefore, it is better to be well prepared for the conversation. Questions can be from any corner but whatever you have to do is answer wisely.

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Below is a list of frequently asked interview questions/interaction sessions for parents who can help.
Questions are usually meant to understand child-rearing and to understand the flexibility of parents:

  1. If you are asked to describe your child, how would you do?
  2. What happens to your child the most likes and dislikes?
  3. What is your spell of successful parenting?
  4. What are your expectations from school?
  5. How much time do you spend with your child?
  6. How would you handle such a situation where the child is showing excessive tattoos?
  7. What do you expect your child to grow?
  8. How much time do the mother and father spend with the child?
  9. Are the elderly in your homes? If not, then what did you choose for the nuclear family on a joint family?
  10. How comfortable is your child with any other child related to the opposite sex?
  11. Does your child show more relation with your father or mother, and why?
  12. What do you have to say about the importance of homework in education?
  13. What are the big ideas on school bags for children these days?
  14. What is your child’s favorite color, animal, bird, sports etc.?
  15. When does your child spend most of the time at home?
  16. Is your child moody? What do you do to handle it?
  17. What are your thoughts about discipline your child?
  18. Do you want to discipline your child to school?
  19. Do you travel often? How does your child behave when your home is out of the hometown?
  20. What is the child’s favorite indoor and outdoor activity?
  21. Does your child know a poem or two?
  22. Any story that your child likes to hear most?
  23. Is your child trained by toilet etiquette?
  24. Are you sending your child to dramatics and why?
  25. Do you like academic or extracurricular activities for your child?
  26. Why this school?
  27. What will you do to implement ethical and shared values in your child?
  28. How do you ensure a balanced and healthy diet for your child?
  29. How do you manage your child’s routine?
  30. What are your thoughts on more books for your child’s age student?
  31. Children – what color is this?
  32. For the child – can you read a poem for me?
  33. Child – Can you recognize this size?
  34. What are your thoughts on having a brother for your child?
  35. How will you respond to this if your child fights with another child in school?
  36. Parents of any other child’s complaint about the behavior of your child in school? How would you react?
  37. Does your child come back with Tiffin because it is on a certain day? How would you react?
  38. How about your financial situation?
  39. Is the mother a house builder?
  40. Who takes care of the child at home?
  41. What does education mean to you?
  42. Do you need school education? Can not the child read at home?
  43. Would you like a co-education school?
  44. In addition to academics, where do you want to focus on the school?
  45. How would you like to talk to a teacher?
  46. According to you, what is the role of a teacher in a child’s life?
  47. Do you believe in child’s independence?
  48. What languages do children now do?
  49. Why CBSE or ISCE Board?
  50. Are you aware of the internet?
  51. Is your child vaccinated? What was the last vaccine set?
  52. Does your child use mobile?
  53. How will you adjust your lifestyle when your child starts schooling?
  54. What will happen if your child is crying while going to school?
  55. Where do children live grandparents?
  56. Do you meet your parents often? How does your child behave?
  57. Is your child introvert or extracted?
  58. How do you want your child to go to school?
  59. Can you participate in school activities?
  60. How can you provide value to the school?

This is not a list provided by any school but there can be some help in getting ready for the big day.
It is hoped that all of you should be admitted to your favorite school of your children. Suggestions for more questions are welcome so that other parents can get help. If have any query write us at SchoolAtGo always ready help.

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