Standardized Tests are NOT a Measure of Students’

Standardized Tests are NOT a Measure of Students’ Ability

Standardized testing has been around for a long time with a history of evaluating candidates for jobs, university admissions and other forms of aptitude and intelligence. Slowly it entered into our education system where we started evaluating young minds based on these aptitude and achievement tests. We also got adjusted to tests evaluating students, but now the testing of students is used to evaluate teachers and, the entire educational system.

Love them or hate them, standardized tests play a major role in education today. You will find both people who are in favor of these and who opposes standardized tests and the practice has started a debate about the effectiveness of standardized tests and how well they can measure students’ ability.

Standardized tests undermine innovation, creativity and critical thinking. Some students are very bright and smart, but when it comes to taking a test, they just break down. Tests impact different students, in different ways. There is also a possibility that a student is sharp in one subject and may not be that good in another. Judging that students’ knowledge in weaker subject can be a wrong assessment of his overall knowledge.

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Nowadays everybody is running behind clearing CAT, UPSC, BANK-SSC, IIT, CA and many more standardized tests. It is good to aspire and dream big, however; if someone is not able to clear these aspirational standardized tests should not be evaluated as incapable of performing. It is sometimes that students just cannot take the examination pressure. If parents are forcing their child to clear these tests then they are not only breaking their own dreams but also may destroy their ward’s career. We come across of suicides and depression cases more frequently these days than ever before. These test have thousands of aspirants every year and only few of them are able to crack them successfully. If your child is passionate about this field, help him go for another try and if you are forcing your child, you should stop right away and should help your child find his interest. Be the friend your child needs!

Capabilities can’t be measured with some pieces of paper because every person is born with different abilities. So parents, society and aspirants himself /herself need to understand this and should find their field of interest and put efforts in that.

You never know who becomes next Kohli for India!!!!

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