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Seasonal health tips for children

Records are broken this summer with temperatures in various parts of country crossing 45 degrees. Even though rains are around the corner, but the weather will become even more dangerous with combination of high temperatures and humidity. These high temperatures pose a lot of dangers for the kids as they always want to go outside and play. Parents need to be more careful during this season and should take extra precautions to protect the children by providing them healthy summer diet. Even healthy diet is required for wholistic growth of children throughout the year.(health tips for children )

Here are the few tips to beat the heat:-

  1. Drink water: – Drink more and more water to stay hydrated during the summer season, a lack of water is harmful to your body. Usually kids do not wish to drink water. But, parents should be very careful about the fact and force them to drink more water on a regular basis. At least 2 liters or 8-9 glasses of water in a day are required for children to remain healthy. If your child gets bored with plain water, try adding some fruits flavor like strawberry, lemon to their water to improve the taste.
  2. Healthy and light food: – In summers and monsoon season, heavy meals are difficult to digest as they have large amounts of carbohydrates and fats which results in different stomach related illness. Eating light foods helps to balance your whole-body temperature and keeps diseases away. It also helps to hydrate the skin and keep it flexible. Avoid eating fried, oily foods and fatty foods for easy workload of your stomach. Focus on fresh fruits and green vegetables that have a high-water content – such as watermelon, oranges, cucumber, tomatoes, etc. to stay cool.
  3. Vitamin C intake: –  With rainy season around the corner, children fall sick due to change in weather. Regular consumption of foods which are rich in Vitamin C helps build immunity against weather-related illnesses. The human body cannot form or produce the vitamin C, so children should eat lots of fruits and vegetables with high Vitamin C content like tomatoes, berries, oranges, lemon and broccoli.Summer healthy tips for
  4. Sun exposure: –  As much possible, make the child stay indoors or in the shade area during the utmost hours of the sun for e.g. between 11am -5 pm. Try to plan or schedule the outdoor activities for children in the mornings and evenings time. Dress up your kids in long sleeved and light weight clothes which will prevent their skin from direct contact from the sun’s rays. Uses of sunscreen lotion with a SPF can protect the child from sunburns. It helps to reduce the strength of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which causes sunburns.
  5. Prepare for summer infection:The summer and monsoon season bring several diseases such as common cold, sore throats, and viral infections, largely because of the change in weather, high heat and dust. Make your child take bath twice a day to wash of all the germs and bacteria sprouting in the sweaty bodies. Also, with monsoon season around the corner, kids must be kept away from standing water where mosquitoes thrive to save them from mosquito infected diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.

Hopefully this article helps the children’s and parents in summer session. If we forget to add any recommended tips that you think that everyone should know please comment it. We will appreciate your thought.

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